Here are some pictures of me and all my pets.  I have a yellow lab named Sandy*, a Norwegian Forest cat named Moses, and two my two tiel roomies, Precious & Percy.

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Bird Bath Time
Get my Tail!

What??  Bath Time?  Yahoo! 

Bird Bath Time
Get my head ... this feels SOOOOOOO good!

Ready, Get Set, GO!

Bird Bath Time
Now get under these wings.......

All Done!
Ahhhhh ...... what fun!  

Here are some pictures of me with my lab, Sandy, and sheltie, Tupper, who passed away on 9/6/2000 when he was 13.

*Sadly, Sandy left us on 8/20/06 ... she was 10-1/2 years old and died of liver cancer. 
She loved to swim and got to swim every day this summer in our new pool. 
Click here to see a video of her swimming shortly before she left us.
I will miss her!

I also have a really cute video of Moses, my cat, kissing Sandy and you'll hear ME in the background! 
If you would like to see it, click here.
Birdie and Sandy
Relaxing in the Sunshine together

Birdie on Sandy
Sandy & me ... Best Buds!

Tupper & Birdie
Tupper & Birdie

Racing for Mom!
Racing down the hall.
(Birdie won of course ... with that airplane profile, how could he lose!?!)

Tupper, we will always love and miss you!

Handsome Bird!
Ready for a dip.......
And a few shots enjoying the fountain outside on the deck... Lap of Luxury
In the Lap of Luxury

And of course, a few of my best shots:

Mom bought me two new playmates, Percy & Precious.


< Percy

Precious >



< Percy

Precious >


Lacey & Precious
Percy & Precious
My Two New Friends


Here are some photos of my former lady love,
a beautiful lutino named Marigold, who flew away over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly.  We had some great memories while she was here ...


We loved to share our peas ..... wait!  I think he got more than me!
Sharing our Peas

WHO has peas on her face???  Certainly not ME!

Marigold with her "Pea" face

Enjoying our munchies!

Marigold Snoozing
Marigold Snoozing

Who are these guys?

Who ARE these guys??

Who are these guys?

Time for a little after dinner nap on Mom's shoulder.....
Napping Together

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