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Helpful Websites About Birds
Bird Supplies: Cages, Playpens, Food, Etc.

Helpful Websites About Birds

Air Freshners: More Birds Die as a Result of These
All you want to know about Exotic Parrots and Birds: Care & Species Info, Health Issues, Supplies
American Cockatiel Society
Avian Library from Tiel Chat
Avian Nutrition
Avian Vet
Behavioral Problems - Solving
Bird Illnesses
Bird Talk
BirdsnWays Articles & FAQS on Cockatiels
Biting:  Do You Provoke Your Bird to Bite?
Biting:  The Great Power Game
Blood Feathers - FAQS
Bonding & Overbonding
Breeders by State
Cage Safety
Caring for Your Bird - List of Informative Articles
Cockatiel Cottage - Lots of Information about Cockatiels
Cockatiel Mutations
Cockatiel Mutations
Disinfectants, A Closer Look at
Facial Bites, Nozzle Nuzzling, & Tummy Kisses
First Time Bird Owners FAQS
Games to Play with Your Bird
Gillian's Help Desk - Tons of  Info
Hazards FAQS
Health Care - Great List of Articles
Household Safety
Molting - Weather the Feathers Article
National Cockatiel Society
New Bird Information
Parrot Club Newsletter - Lots of Great Articles
Parrot Information Website (lots of good info)
Poop - The Scoop on Poop
Safety - Household
Talking - Training Your Bird to Talk
Top Ten Pet Bird Killers (Exotic Pet Veterinarian)
TOXIN & Poison Alert - Great Article!
Toy Safety
Toys - Making Safe Toys
Weight Chart for Cockatiels
Whistler's Whistling Workout for Birds (Training CD's for teaching your bird to whistle)
Wing Clipping

Nestbox Pic with EggsNestbox Cam:  Not tiels (bluebirds), but interesting nonetheless.  Shows development of live-in-nestbox photos of birds from egg to flight.  Be sure to start at the bottom of the page and work your way upward.  GREAT pics and super interesting!  Click on pic to go........

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Bird Supplies: Cages, Playpens, Food, Etc.

Pet Bird Express
Polly's Pet Products
*Ebay Dealer Link Website  (where I bought one of my birdcages - look under Medium Hookbills)  A link to his auctions can be found here as well:  Bird Supply on Ebay.  These are beautiful cages ut do require assembly.
*Ebay Dealer Page (where I bought another of my birdcages - I purchased the #3 ... his listings change, but look for Parrot Cages).  Prices include shipping and you can contact him directly if you don't want to wait for auction end.  His email address is Anthony Chan.

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For the Most Unique Gift Baskets Around ...
Adorable Basket - Click here for Great Gift Baskets!

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Tri-State Antique Center (Mom's Store)

Nessa the Papillon

Tiel Talk Chat

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